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37: [Call to Joy] Spark Your Creativity with Musical Mark Making

July 19, 2022 Jen Larimore
Mom Writes First
37: [Call to Joy] Spark Your Creativity with Musical Mark Making
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Episode 37: [Call to Joy]: Spark your Creativity with Musical Mark Making
This episode is a Call to Joy, a quick, simple bit of encouragement to help empower you to create a joyfilled life.

Do you think of yourself as a creative being? No matter how you answer that question, this episode for you. On this episode I share how I've used an easy activity, called musical mark making, to add more creativity to my everyday life. You are more creative than you realize. Moms can be creative too, even when we have a mile long to do list! 

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Hello, my friends. This episode is a call to joy, a quick, simple bit of encouragement to help empower you to create a joyfilled life between the meal, prepping and laundry folding at home, the smart goals and key performance indicators at work and the daycare drop offs and all the kid activities. What so many of us are looking for is joy.

Connection and meaning, if you want that in your life, you have to cultivate it. You have to make space for it. You have to create it on purpose. You have to go first this quick hit episode is here to empower you to do it. Let's  📍 go.

 Today's little joy hack is about adding some creativity to your life. Now just slow your role because I can hear so many of. Are you kidding me? I don't have time for that. I don't know how to be creative. I'm not an artist. Oh my goodness. Friends. I get it. I felt the same way. You have a lot happening. You have a lot going on every day.

You don't think of yourself as an artist. And I'm here to tell you, you are more artistic than you realize, and you have way more space and time for something like this than you realize, and you are a creative being. So here's how we do keep it simple. Do not overthink it. Don't look at Pinterest. No, Pinterest here don't run to the store.

I got you. This is so easy. You can do this activity in just five minutes and I know you're busy and I know you're swamped, but I know you have five minutes and you can use any materials you want. All you need is something to draw. And something to mark with. So a piece of paper and some crayons, pencils, a pen, some markers, some paint, some lipstick, whatever you.

And then I like to do this to music. So I suggest some music too. Here's how easy this is. Step one, get the paper and something to write with. It can be crayons, markers that pen, pencil, even lipstick will work. Step two, turn on some music. It can be whatever you want. So honestly, just soak up whatever you want.

And step three, sit, be stand and listen to that music. And as you. Just make some marks on that paper. No need to draw anything in particular, just make some marks, move your PR pen, your crayon, whatever in any way that feels authentic to you. Just make some marks. When I do this, I like to imagine the marks flowing through me propelled by the music.

And then at the end of five minutes, Or don't keep going. If you want, if you feel like it, there are no rules here when I do this musical mark making activity, I like to do it to a meditative soundtrack.

I have my favorites, but truly any music would do if I'm really stressed out and trying to focus, I love to listen to cello music.  When I'm happy and carefree, I love folk music. With that with my kids. I get a whole range from Disney to AJR to the Beatles.

 We get much different marks when we're listening to Incanto versus oh, blah D oh, blah, dah. There are no rules do this alone or with kids anywhere it's even possible to do this in a busy restaurant or in a waiting. Sometimes I do this in meetings, even when I don't have access to music, I love doing this because it gives me something to do other than looking at my phone and it grounds me in my body and gives me a little creative rest too.

Plus, as a bonus, when I do this with my kids, it's a total point of connection and something to share and discuss. So guess what you are creative enough to try this. You have enough time for this. You don't need any special materials. This activity is completely accessible to you. And one way to just have a little bit more fun and creativity in your day, it only takes five minutes.

Give it a try. Let me know how it  📍 goes. Hope it adds a little bit of fun and flare to your regular day.