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67: {FYE} Create Your Fittest Year Ever {Fittest Year Ever Series}

December 26, 2022 Jen Larimore
Mom Writes First
67: {FYE} Create Your Fittest Year Ever {Fittest Year Ever Series}
Show Notes

Welcome to your Fittest Year Ever. 

*Come with Jen as she shows up with vulnerability and self-compassion to try to create her fittest year ever. You can be healthy and fit. 

*Let’s cultivate a loving and healthy partnership with our bodies. 

*We’ll use mindset and goal setting to meet physical fitness goals. 

*Begin by building your mental fitness first. Learn how to recognize the self-critical thoughts and remove the default thought patterns that are standing in the way of your physical fitness. 

*Then we’ll work together to identify goals and habits that will work in the long term. 

*Each week, we’ll empower each other to show up with self-compassion, not judgment and criticism, to make real and sustainable long-term change, so that 2023 truly is your fittest year ever. 

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